True Energy Hog Blend


Blend of mixed specie animals and poultry fats.


Formulated for porcine animal feeds as a calorie source, provides essential fatty acids and dust control in porcine feeds.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Fatty Acids Minimium 90.00%
Unsaponifiable Matter Maximium 0.85%
Insoluble Impurities Maximium 0.15%
Free Fatty Acids Maximium 10.00%
Moisture Maximium 0.50%
Total MIU Maximium 1.50%
A.O.M Stability <20 MEP @ 20 hrs.
Pesticides & PCB's Below Government Tolerances

Linoleic Essential Fatty Acid 10.00% minimum
Target Metabolizable Energy 3600 K/Cal/Lb. General